About Us...


Welcome to Yum Sweet Treats! 

We've all been there...eaten a Brownie that was dry and cakey, everything a Brownie shouldn't be! And so it started, a mission to create a delicious fudgy Chocolate Brownie. 

Armed with a tonne of ingredients and my chief spoon licker and taste tester, AKA Madison my 3 year old daughter. I set about to create one of, if not, THE best brownie recipe around. 

Bold..yes, achievable..absolutely! 

Several hundred Brownies later (no exaggeration here!) and finally, recipe nailed! And so it began Yum Sweet Treats. 

I'm a bit of a perfectionist at heart and never settle for second best, so as you'd expect only the finest ingredients are used in all our products. Our Cocoa is 100% pure and our luxury Belgian Couverture Chocolate is fully traceable - so we know exactly where it comes from!  

Our mission is pretty simple...to create delicious products with a fun twist! 

There's a tonne more ideas ticking away so stay tuned!  

I hope your enjoy eating our products as much as we do making them!

Every order and your support in our small business is truly appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by,     

Bev x